Song to Listen

Artist: The Rival

Song: My Own Devices

Region: Nashville – North America

Nashville, Tennessee is the home to music – you say music in the US and that’s one of the cities that come to mind. This beautiful city of creativity lets us listen to another one of their talented children in The Rival. This duo bring music that is just beyond the scope of simple indie rock, that ethereal and powerful voice, the instruments , the lyrical maturity it’s simply just amazing.

A must listen and a soundscape worth exploring and melodies to be enjoyed over and over again. “My Own Devices” is the best track to pick to have as a lead single of an upcoming EP, it’s just as I said… simply amazing. Enjoy this masterpiece, this silk like rock mix of sounds and unison creativity of two inspired musicians.

[su_quote cite=”about My Own Devices”]…family member that has been through hell with their partner and it’s been difficult to watch. We wrote ‘My Own Devices’ by putting ourselves in their shoes, imagining what it must feel like to try and fix what is broken and get back to that sense of home. Musically, we wanted to pay tribute to some of the great ’90s albums we grew up with, from Jeff Buckley to Weezer, and experiment with a sound that felt like home to us. [/su_quote]

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