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Artist: Victor Perry

Genre: Indie Pop/ Indie R&B

Region: USA-North America


[block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ rounded=”false” shadow=”false”]Young singer/songwriter Victor Perry is bringing his soulful voice to music and he is creating an impact on all who listen to his voice. He is able to hypnotize and to see deep into your soul with his music and his lyrics are able to translate into every persons life and experiences. He has brought back a sensibility that is needed and that is wanted from music. Not only that but he is able to truly tell a story and to show us he has an old soul that can bring back the human factor to music. Plus the fact that this young artist is also a pretty down to earth and kind person just enhances the support and admiration I have for him. Victor is here and he is going to conquer the world of music. [/block]

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