FOXTRAXFoxtrax delivers an amazing debut EP with ‘The Cabin’ .Each song has the ability to stand on its own and to becoming that single that gets everyone listening. It delivers on every aspect and that is so strange to find specially in a debut EP or album. Plus I love the fact that they worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the album was up to their high standard.

From the music, to the artwork, to the lyrics and everything, the whole package is just amazing and a must have EP. And since it’s a must have, well this time I want you to have one (yeah, it’s true). I have two copies of ‘The Cabin EP’ that will be giving away to one of you lucky and gorgeous people(I mean lucky, the EP is amazing – have it on my car 24/7 since I got it). Check out the facebook, instagram and twitter for the how to get your free copy.

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