“…Don’t let nothing hold you down… Nothing hold you down…”

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[aesop_content color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″ columns=”1″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”left” floaterdirection=”up”]Bakermat with the amazing help of Alex Clare have created a perfect song for Summer 2016. Just an amazing blend of beats, Alex’s unique voice and some positive lyrics to get you up. Just right for this time of the year.


The song has that special brand of awesome stuck to it, it’s just the right flow of music and blend of genres and ideas. It creates an ambient that makes you enjoy this time of year to it’s fullest. Just get on your car, roll down the windows and enjoy the sounds, take all the “No’s” you’ve heard and turn it into strength and get ready to conquer the world because it’s yours for the taking.

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