Indie Pop Mixtape 2

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Artist: Kady Rain

Song: R.A.D Moves

Why? She’s one of my first indie queens of music and I am simply a fan of her beautiful pop voice and the way she’s always having a blast with her music – you can’t control yourself while listening and watching this music video, you’ve got to show you rad ass dance moves and hope she notices as you shake what your mama gave you. 

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Artist: Ziemba

Song: The Relic is Right

Why? With a voice so ethereal and surreal comes at you René Kladzyk aka Ziemba, a New York based artist and musician who through her music has an strange ability to connect with all your senses as she creates a soundscape so inviting and so beautiful in which you just want to lay down and let the music flow through every cell in your body.

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Artist: HEEZ

Song: The XX makes me sad

Why? Born in Mexico, raised in Dallas and now residing in Los Angeles ; young singer/songwriter HEEZ lets a variety of things influence and flow to his music (from each culture that is part of him to different genres of music like rap, rock and of course pop) – all of this adds a special factor to his sound that blurs the lines between musical genres and creates a sound that only he could master. 

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Artist: Temporary Hero

Song: WOW! (So Amazing)

Why? Short and powerful and shoot straight to your heart and soul, “WOW (So Amazing)” by Temporary Hero packs more in less than 2 minutes than most track could ever dream in creating in the regular 3:30 minutes – just let this fun and cool melody and mix of beats take you from soft and sweet to energetic and pushing boundaries in an instant. 

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Artist: VHS Collection

Song: Floating

Why? With a cool track the represents the feeling the band currently feels as they have achieved certain success they still don’t know if the band is off the ground – but with melodies so fun, unique and with the right mix of 80s, 90s and modern sounds this wolf certainly believes VHS Collection is taking off this 2016 and 2017 they will be in the air. 

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Artist: Bravestation

Song: 13th Floor

Why? 3 piece Bravestation arrives from Toronto straight to your computer screens and onto your ears for you to enjoy synth pop mixed with sounds like disco, funk, soul all creating a thrill of a ride in the unique soundscape of 13th Floor – let the glamour, the mystery and the romanticism of their sound take over your body and let the music flow. 

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Artist: Lucas Jack

Song: Fool’s Gold

Why? With sounds that remind us of the Rocket Man himself (Sir Elton John), Lucas Jack masterfully showcase an array of old school piano sounds with some modern pop touches and a voice that beautifully conquers our senses in the instant we hear him for the first time – with “Fool’s Gold” he transports to another world, to a beauty of a soundscape only you and the characters of the song can reside in.

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Artist: Brezy

Song: She don’t love you

Why? Heart break can be one hell of a source of an inspiration, as is the case with talented Los Angeles indie pop singer/songwriter Brezy – she wrote this track to capture the attention of her ex, but on the way her r&b influenced pop voice captivated this wolf in a second and for that we second the clear cut message she is sending : Hey dude she don’t love you the way Brezy does.

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Artist: Nick de la Hoyde

Song: Thinking Bout You

Why? Talented Sydney based singer/songwriter/rapper Nick de la Hoyde comes at wolf in a suit with the latest music video release for his track “Thinking Bout You” which showcases the softness and strength in his voice while also executing his rap skillfully in the right moments throughout the song and that way touching the right chord in us to connect with the track and with visual that make picturing the story so much easier – simply an amazing track by a young and talented artist.

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