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“…We cannot replace …We cannot be true…”

Band: Ivy Nations

Formed: 2015

Region: Dublin, Ireland – Europe

Members: JK (Vocals); DF (Guitar);

BS (Guitar/Keys); PD (Drums)

There is something brewing in Ireland… you know what it is? …it’s great freaking music courtesy of Ivy Nations and their latest single “Disintegrate” which is still practically fresh out of the oven since it was released on June 20th of this year. They are bringing something that’s reminiscing of the 80’s  with a hint of pop but with so much indie rock power that it’s just amazing that it will blow you away the second the song starts. Plus the lyrics are just amazing, each verse and then the chorus is just so powerful; it’s like the whole song is one giant hook not letting you relax for a second because it’s just that good that you are completely trapped by it.

“…I cannot be what you want me to…I choke up, you look down, it gets cold…”

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