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What’s this you may ask? well there’s no full album to review yet, but there are pieces and the album is growing little by little with great songs. Midnight Mystery Club already have two songs out there that will be part of the upcoming album they are making. The Songs are: “Richest man in the world” and “Run”. With the sounds of these songs I can get a feel of what he will create and do a pre-album review.

[quote author=”” source=””]…I’m gonna tell you the truth
Money lost all use
Cause I’m the richest man in the world …[/quote]

This song was the first one I heard from him and it just blew me away. The lyrics are of the highest quality and then you add a great tempo and amazing beats to go along and you’ve created a monster. It has a timeless feel mixing 70’s, 80’s and more sounds then adding that voice and it just catches your hearing and doesn’t let you go. I listen to this song and I feel it’s already a number one single.

“Run” has a more electronic feel but there’s always that feeling that you are travelling through time. You are listening to the best sounds of each decade in each of his songs. Again you can listen to a quality that is mesmerizing, it showcases hard work and dedication. Midnight Mystery Club has a massive amount of respect for his craft and you can see in every little part of his music.

With these two songs only I can already feel the amazing album that Midnight Mystery Club is going to create when all the pieces are together. I just can’t wait, but I have to and so do you. But at least we can wait knowing that he is making each song have a life of it’s own.

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