Baby Daddy

TV Show: Baby Daddy

Network: Freeform

The show follows Ben, a man in his twenties, who gets the surprise of his life when a one-night stand leaves his baby at his doorstep. Ben decides to raise his little girl with the help of his brother, Danny, his two close friends, Riley and Tucker, and his mother, Bonnie.

If you have not seen a single episode of Baby Daddy then I recommend that you do it right about now. If you have Netflix they have the first 4 seasons available so you can catch up and meet the Wheeler’s  and their friends Riley Perrin and Tucker Dobbs.

This is a light hearted comedy that you can enjoy by yourself, with your girlfriend or boyfriend or even with the whole family. It touches some sensible topics with a fun outlook to them and it will make you laugh so hard plus along the way you’ll notice that you learned a thing or two about being just a little bit better as a person. It’s a fun show to enjoy in the afternoon while at home and the only thing in your mind is just relaxing and having a laugh or two or three or a lot more.

 Rating: ♠♠♠♠ (4 out of 5 Spades)

Promo for season 1 when the show was in ABC Family