I’ve been hearing that MTV will be bringing back one of the best ideas they ever had to the modern version of their so called music channel. Do you guesswatch-mtv-online what it is? Let me tell you, they are bringing back the MTV unplugged and I wonder if it might be to late for them to do this but I was fan of this concept before so I’ll give them a chance today if they keep it about the music like it used to be of course. I am left wondering how are they going to do it, I mean MTV is no longer the place for music for the young generations, it’s just a place where you see pregnant teenagers acting like brats, a funny videos show sold as original and unique, visiting certain shores and not really helping with their image, TV shows about being awkward or a werewolf or secretly gay and well catfish (which I actually like, the guys make it worth a while and the stories of how the internet has created new monsters amazes me). As you noticed I really did not mention any music which I think they show only in the early mornings and well their MTV music awards in which they award music they don’t even show.

I amunnamed all up for the story of redemption, of going back to their roots and focusing on what actually made them popular : the f%ck!ng music (yes, I partially censored myself here, I noticed that I do have some young readers). I am skeptical about this whole plan of them bringing back the unplugged specials and adding more music hours to their lineup because I feel they are going to try to be “cool” and screw it up but I sure hope I am wrong and that they do things right. They can keep the shows if they want to (some are actually worth a damn and showcase topics in a different way than other networks and do bring some insight into people today and others are really entertaining) but all I want from them is to stop trying to be cool and hip and whatever and just focus on doing some quality work. They used to have a smaller budget but their work was better and then with their bigger budget they lost focus and just started mixing crap television into their schedule.

I personally thought MTV was closer to creating a piece of reality TV garbage like “Keeping up with the kardashians” and “Rich kids of Beverly Hills” than bringing back some actual music. But hey, they have my support for this change as long as they do right by the  music and us (the people that listen to the music). So MTV you got me back as long as you keep it what it’s meant to be.