I try to never let my political views be seen in this blog, I try to always focus on music, film, television, fashion, etc. I always invite you the reader to read something that is light, that is easy to follow, I write the way that I would talk to you if we were ever to meet and discuss the topics above. But every once in a while I must raise my voice, whether is heard by many or not, I must raise it.

This past weekend was a sad weekend not only for music (the lost of Christina Grimmie) but also for humanity itself (the shooting in Orlando). It showed the terrible and disgusting thoughts that some of us believe to be right, but I ask: when is a young singer fighting for her career wrong? when is your personal preference wrong? and finally when is love wrong? Love is love and that is it, you have no choice in who you love, your heart commands that area of you and your heart is untameable, wild and free. Who gave anyone the right to judge anyone based on who they love, whether is a man or a woman, it is nobody’s business. Is hate the brand that our society is recognized by now? Is that it, because I hear a certain political candidate spewing this constantly, and there is no shock, there is no one truly telling him he is wrong, there is a large amount of people siding with him, showing their true colors, showing their racism, their homophobic thoughts, their elitism, their lack of respect for human life and for choice. Is this the path that the United States of America will choose to take? That’s not making anything great, that’s alienation, that’s hate, that’s ignorance and above all that is not what this country stands for.

This country stand for something beautiful, maybe it has been forgotten by the meaningless lawsuits, the political agenda of idiots with power, parents blaming everything but themselves for their flaws and their kids behaviors, people abusing the system just to not work, people just focusing on what their eyes can see but never putting themselves in anyone’s shoes, maybe we are loosing ourselves to the crap they sell us and maybe we have stopped raising our voices for what matters as a society, I don’t know but it saddens me.

This country to me stood for love, equality, respect and above all opportunity. Opportunity to make a difference, to be someone, to be part of what made this country great if you were willing to work hard, to give your best and to give beyond a 100% always. Today I am confused, I do believe we still stand for those things, but there are many who would rather it stood for hate, ignorance and division. I want to raise my voice to say that I will not let that happen, I believe the United States is more than what this people believe, I believe in all this country stood for and I believe it is still great and that if we raise our voice we can prevent the hate from becoming our brand as a society.

Love is love

P.S. Just in case any one with few less brain cells than average decides to comment and insult me, I am straight and pretty much in love with the person that holds my heart but I respect everyone because if I ever want to be a parent I will have no choice in who my kids love and I want to be sure they feel safe at home always.