You already know I am a big fan of James Cherry, from the first time I heard him singing I just knew there was something special in him … and he is proving me right one song at a time. James has a voice that can change your day, that can turn a frown upside down and turn it into a smile, or he can be an outlet for you to take out your anger and frustration while singing “Blame it our youth”, “Heart of stone”, “Cry myself to sleep” and now “Why don’t you listen” (You really should listen … I swear) or just simply a relaxing way to enjoy your travels (to work, to home, to love or just to anywhere).

“Why don’t you listen” is a magnificent song that allows us to see another face of James Cherry and how his music can be chamaleonic and achieve a sense of universality in an upcoming album (which I hope is in the works). Just listen to it …”why don’t you listen …Why can’t you show me a little respect…” just perfection, just magic, that’s what the song is.

“I hear your records they surround me
Even when you’re, you’re not around me
How have you made me feel so insecure?…”
James Cherry

He is leaving his job working in a local bar where the inspiration for his debut EP ‘Cry myself to sleep’ was provided thanks to the stories he collected here. Now he is ready, he is going to conquer the world and to make music his life and make sure you notice his amazing talent. He is going to shock and amaze the world just like his local football (Soccer for the US) team just did – the city: Leicester & the team: Leicester City F.C.

Be ready for what’s to come

be ready for…


James Cherry
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