Gotham Theory

Sam Brewer – Drums/Vocals

Stu DePoy – Bass

Zack Mason – Guitar

Josh Sunderlin – Vocals/Guitar

Brave …that’s a word that defines Gotham Theory, they were brave with their music and they put their money where their mouth is and did this album all on their own. It’s still a bit raw but that actually enhances the experience and reminds you that music is made with passion and in basements or garages (later on as you grow you get to the fancy big recording studios and you can make music while you take a dip in your Jacuzzi). While listening to them I can get a picture of what they will make in the future and I am anxious for them to reach that point, but right now they are making great music filled with passion and with the right attitude.

Just for this band you should think about making a trip to Baltimore …why? to see them live, remember that I said the album sounds a bit raw… it sounds a bit like a live performance and I am a fan of that feeling. There is something special about these guys and I can’t just put my finger on it but there is something here.

I don’t know about you but I will follow their career and see where it goes from here.