Blink 182 are back post the departure of Tom DeLonge  from the band in this current stage of their lives (I still love you man, but hey it’s Blink freaking 182, and he did say they never know, they might get back together in the future – I hope that happens). And they are back with something that sounds a lot like awesome with “Bored to death”. They have grown and it shows in the song, it’s a showcase of a more mature songwriting but keeping the punk-rock vibes that we love so much.

I feel like a little kid while writing this, I am hoping to not only get the album (signed I wish) but also looking forward to go see them live (oh man, I am jittery) and write a review of that magical experience after it happens and of course of the album itself.

Again …Yes!

” …There’s an echo pulling out the meaning
Rescuing a nightmare from a dream
The voices in my head are always screaming
That none of this means anything to me

And it’s a long way back from seventeen
The whispers turn into a scream
And I’m, I’m not coming home …”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Blink 182 is back and I am hoping for some punk-rock gold just like they use to give us; of course with a hint of maturity, because well the guys are parents now and I am also not the punk rock teenager that I was back them – but I am still a huge fan.

If this song is any indication of what the album will sound like, then I am in for an awesome ride plus the artwork is pretty cool and I am big fan of that style (from the beginning they had me …there wasn’t even a hello needed). Man… I am one happy wolf.

One last time …Yes!