Marty Felton – Vox/Guitar

Wilson – Bass/Vox

Benjamin Wade – Drums/Vox

MISS brings something unique and different to what I’ve heard from the UK. They bring their own form of storytelling through their music, they bring something refreshing and unexpected and I am a fan of it. But it’s not only about doing things differently for the guys, but about doing things right with each note they play and each lyric sung. MISS has something special and I am glad to be listening to them in this stage when it’s still unknown and undiscovered to many, it’s their debut, their first step and I get a glimpse of the path they will take and it looks marvelous.

MISS will astound you with their harmonies, the softness of Marty’s voice accompanied by the voices of Wilson and Benjamin and along with that the drums that can go from a slow pace to an entire army running at you from one second to the next and then the guitars beautifully played enhancing each song. MISS is something else and if you don’t believe, don’t take my word, just listen to them.