B A N D /

The 1975


A L B U M /

‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’


S O N G /

“Change of heart”


W R I T T E N  B Y /

Matthew Healy (Frontman & Lead singer)

D I R E C T E D  B Y /

Tim Mattia

C H O R E O G R A P H Y  B Y /

Katie Collins


This music video is so magical, so beautiful that I just could not help myself from writing about it. The black & White theme, the clowns and a marvelous choreography make “Change of heart” just a perfect music video that reminds me of the beauty that the past holds. It leaves me in awe how perfect the music video and the song match together.

But taking a step back and just listening to the song you find some really well written lyrics that hide a story, not of love but of saying goodbye, of having “…a change of heart”. Just perfect, Matt did it again with the writing, this song is gold, just brilliant and it creates such an atmosphere while listening to it. The 1975 are making music for themselves and we are lucky enough to be evolving to human beings that can see the true beauty in their music, we are enjoying this path of just good pop songs with a hint of everything else in the world.