This is The Dose‘s self titled EP and it’s a must have for any piece of debuting music. So much that you should go to iTunes and purchase it right about now, don’t even listen to anything yet, just take my word, trust me, you will thank me. Ok, if you don’t think my word is gold then let me tell you why you should have this EP below, plus I’ll ignore the fact that you don’t t10001584_457645231096237_8349931456518789937_nrust me and even let you see the official music video for the first single that came out of this EP – “Cold hands”. This is the band’s first steps into really entering the music industry and I know it might still need some work but it’s pure raw power and talent that when it’s fully polished will create musical gold. And I am sure will leave the doubters speechless. I for one will not say they sound like this or like that but will focus on what they are putting out there. They are being brave and they are not only putting their music out there, but allowing people to listen into some personal lyrics and they know they will be judged but music come’s with that and it also comes with joy and fulfillment of being a creator of something that could potentially outlast you. It’s ideas turned into words then changed into lyrics and mixed with rhythms and sounds, and they can be eternal.


The Dose is a mix of experiences, ideas, views, music and stories all intermingling together in this EP. It has raw power with songs like “Glory” (which could also be a great party song in my opinion), a kick-ass first single “Cold hands”, music and lyrical mastery with “Truth lies inside” and “Shadow clo12115608_409939505866810_2897664659257427624_nses behind”, a soft song for the kindhearted in “Adore” and an ending with an instrumental track in “Space Trader”. It has a bit of everything for everyone while still staying true to itself, which is a bit difficult to do most of the time. Plus Indio and Ralph have a kind off knowledge of their instruments that does not only come from practicing but from within themselves, it’s something that was already there just waiting for them to pick their destined instruments and to have that passion to make music that you can clearly hear in the EP. These two mad men are passionate about being creators, of being explorers, of entering the vast realm of music and that is why they will leave a mark in it.

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