Formed in late 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Indio Downey and drummer Ralph Alexander, The Dose is LA’s newest addition to the rock n roll scene. Bringing an eclectic blend of fresh heavy rock, punk, indie and grunge to venues throughout the greater Los Angeles area, The Dose has proven that rock n roll has truly come full circle.
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I had the pleasure of interviewing a great indie band from California, they are The Dose. Get to know them and learn about their sound, their plans, and the path they are taking in the music world while reading the interview below.

Alright guys, I know you don’t have much time (The Dose had 10 minutes for this phone interview), I know that, I value that you are taking some to well give it to me.

So I guess first of all, hi Indio, hi Ralph

(Both) “Hello”

Thank you for this chance

(Ralph)”Yeah, by all means go for it”

Well, I heard “Cold hands” and it was amazing and after listing to it, I said to myself, I need to know more about this and then I saw that it’s just two guys doing this song, how is that even possible? Then I went and saw the story and I told myself ” oh wow, you guys are really creative for being able to create that quality of song” … I have to know what’s the story behind “Cold Hands” ? How did you get inspired for that song?

(Indio)”hey, it’s Indio. Well, “Cold hands” was actually inspired by a letter that I came across that was written to me by my girlfriend on my way to Tennessee to record. She had written me the letter, it was almost like a love letter and she expressed a couple things to me and I was really… she really loves me and is with me and so the final lyrics are actually inspired by that, by a letter that I came across that she wrote me.”

That’s unexpected, it’s a different story that I would’ve expected but it’s actually nice that it’s unexpected and different.

Well, guys I already asked about the song but now, what are the plans for you guys? What are you going to do now? What’s next for The Dose?

(Ralph)”This is Ralph. Next up we are starting pre-production to record our first full-length album. Starting April 1st, we are going to record that for about a month and then at the end of April and beginning of May we have 4 opening slots for Bush on their tour coming up, we’ll be flying over to the east coast for shows in Florida, Atlanta, South Carolina, and New York. Then come back, do a little more recording and then we have a couple of shows in early June in Kentucky and Wisconsin.”

“A full length recording process and then about six shows coming up”.

Awesome guys, I am glad to hear that.

(Here I asked the guys for permission to be in the online radio, this is a working process so this part of the interview will be a mystery to hopefully be revealed later)


What would you guys recommend any up and coming musicians? Because I saw the story of how you guys had this gig and it was just you two and you had to solve it on the spot. What would you recommend all these artists that are coming up, that are just starting and might have some issues on the road, what would you tell them to think of as a mantra or as philosophy, what would you tell them?

(Ralph) “For up and coming musicians, I would just say is to always know there is a solution for everything and to not give up when it seems like there is no way to go”

That is true, it’s something to always consider … guys another question How is your creative process, because I know you both do everything in the band, how is that creative process like?

(Ralph)“This is Ralph, yeah; well Indio is on guitar and vocals so I don’t go into that area. I’m on drums and base, we don’t really switch up instrument wise but we both creatively bring song ideas together, to each other and kind of bounce ideas off.”

(Indio) “Yeah, we are essentially both multi-tasking whenever we play together. But I think that we both like to let songs come together naturally regardless and we like to make music that we hear and that we like and we are playing the music in kind off a different way but we still like for the music to come first and we let the songs unfold as opposed to forcing it.”

That’s good, you let it grow, you let it be organic, be natural and just come to you guys.


I actually like that process, because I’ve heard people that they just sit down and just write and write and try to force themselves and then I’ve heard some that it just comes to them.

(Ralph) “Yeah, because it’s different for everybody”

Yeah, actually, we all have different types of minds and creative processes and we all work differently. But in the end if you can all create that beautiful music then hey do what needs to be done and just keep on making that music.

(Ralph) “Definitely”

Well, guys right now it’s a big step to take. “Cold hands” was a great single and right now you are going to be working on the album and other stuff. Do you guys have another song you want to put out as a single or do you want to jump into the album recording before thinking of anything else next?

(Ralph) “I think the next single we are going to put out will be one of the more rock ‘n’ roll songs of the EP. I think just have to wait and see as we are going to do the music video of course and that comes out, it’s going to be a little different from cold hands. I think one more single from the EP and then we are going to focus on the album”.

That’s good, I like that you guys are diverse, that you don’t want to focus in just one sound  but just focus on what comes naturally to you.

(Ralph) absolutely

And I guess, that in a way that also tells a story because in the life is not just one way or another, its ups and downs, it’s all over the place

(Ralph) yeah, I agree

 (My last question was in regards of the date for the interview and…)

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