Do you remember how before the songs were stories, they were tools to tell something, something magical, something tragic, but something, it was a trip to another world. There are musicians out there who still retain this gift of being not only musicians but also storytellers, one of these musicians is Barns Courtney. A talented singer/songwriter who puts his heart and soul into every lyric, every melody and that is what made his music stand out for me. Barns has a very special gift within his talent for music, that gift that the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash are entrusted with, the gift to take you to another world, to listen to music and feel the literature that a song can create.


Barns could become one of the greatest storytellers of our time and maybe of all times, he has that type of soul paired with a more than capable voice and he is grounded and talented. His feet are set solidly on the ground and his goal is not money and fame but music, that sweet music that teleports you to his realm.

Did you listen to “Glitter and Gold”? It’s magical, as soon as I heard it I could not stop myself from listening to it over and over again, engraving the melody and the lyrics that accompany it into my mind, my heart and my soul. It’s a song that haunts you, that takes you to another place, to another era, to a world only imagined and created by Barns Courtney. Then you look for more of his music and you find “Fire” , a song that was hand picked by Harvey Weinstein and Bradley Cooper to be part of the soundtrack of their movie ‘Burnt’ and to be the song in the trailer below. That song, has true fire just like Barns Courtney has within him, and with the melodies it can create one within you.

Let him into your life, into your private music library and allow him to take ownership of it and to set a new high for the following musicians you listen to. Listen to Barns Courtney and just let his music trap your soul.