Music is life, music can connect souls, connect people from around the globe.

My love of music let me to meet a person whom I believe has that same love for music and that person happens to write a music blog as well, what a wonderful coincidence.  The blogger, the person, the music lover I met goes by the online name “Within the music” – I invite you visit the website and enjoy learning about some great music and reading something fun about it while you are at it.

Music is a road and we met while driving on it, to this wolf it was meeting a friend, a human being, and another wolf with whom to start creating a pack, with whom to exchange knowledge and learn from, with whom to listen to new sounds, new music, oh that wonderful music that dances and intertwines all the souls.

Now I invite you to get to know “Within the Music”, to listen to the music he writes about, to read how he expresses himself about each band, each artist and each genre.


At last … The Interview:

Wolf – How did you come up with your name?

Within the Music – I spent hours thinking and doodling names for my blog, and then bam Within the Music just came to me. I really like it as my blog talks about the feelings you get from listen to music and the effect it can have on you. Therefore exploring all aspects within the music itself.


Wolf – What are your favorite artists?

Within the Music – I’m really digging what is coming out of Australia lately, acts like Georgia Fair, Cub Sport, Flume and Meg Mac.

My all-time favs are Angus and Julia stone, Tracy Chapman, Damien Rice and Fleetwood Mac.


Wolf – What genre would you consider your forte?

Within the Music – I have a weakness for good story telling, a chilled melody and an unusual voice. So I guess Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic would be my forte.


Wolf – Which is more important: the music or the lyrics?

Within the Music – For me it’s the lyrics. As I’m not a great musician and more a writer, I guess I can relate to the lyrics more. Of course the melody and beat is extremely important but if you can tell a story and command the audience with just your guitar and voice then you are a genius in my books.


Wolf – How did you decide on doing your blog?

Within the Music – When I finished my degree in Music Business I went traveling through Europe. The best experience of my life! But when I got back I went straight back into retail work as I needed to build my funds back up again. Last Christmas was looming and I was flat chat with the Christmas rush. I started to feel like I was disconnected with music. All I was listening to was carols and that wasn’t my choice. So I sat down one day and decided that I would start a music blog, writing about acts that I love. I had previously been asked to complete a list of songs for my cousin who was so busy with two young children that she didn’t have time to seek new music. Also my parents have always loved me playing new music and often fallen in love with acts that I have played. So I thought I could target an audience that may not have the time to go out and seek new music. By subscribing to my blog they will be able to read about new acts, listen to them and source ways of owning that act if they wanted to.

But most importantly it’s a great hobby that keeps me in touch with the forever changing world that is music.


Wolf – Do you have a personal quote or mantra that you tell yourself?

Within the Music – I’ve always clung to a particular lyric in an Angus Stone song that goes “Be what you be, in all that you are”. I’ve always struggled to be truly who I am, and tailored my personality to suit hours. As I’m getting older I find myself caring lest about what people think of me, being more true to myself. I guess we all feel like that sometimes, and this lyric reminds me to be honest with myself and not hide. I plan to get it tattooed on me at some point but I’m too indecisive on style.

Wolf – What do you foresee in the future for within the music?

Within the Music – I guess I just hope Within The Music’s audience grows and people start noticing my blog more. It would be nice to think that there are many people out there supporting acts because I suggested them. I hope to keep finding the time to research new acts and write pieces, and I hope I keep at it for many years to come. I would love to incorporate more interviews within my writing as I give another perspective. Something that I noticed that Wolf In A Suit does so well. I guess if my blog gets more of a following it will open more doors, especially to be able to interview some great acts.


Wolf – Future of this collaboration?

Within the Music – I would love us to keep collaborating and supporting each other’s blogs. It has been great to connect with a blog with a similar vision, which I can learn from and bounce ideas off. Who knows where these collaborations might lead us but I’m excited to find out!


Wolf – Where you ever in a band or sang as a solo artist?

Within the Music – Never been in a serious band, but I joke around that my sister and I use to think we were very talented when we started our band conveniently called Brother and Sister. We use to write songs, record them on a tape player and even perform them to fake audiences. But to answer your question, unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with any real musical talent. It was always my dream to be a famous singer however I will happy work behind the scenes of the music industry


Wolf – Any plans in the music industry?
Within the Music – I have many plans to get involved in the music industry. At present I’m just interning, developing my experience and learning as much as I can. This industry is so diverse and has so many different jobs and paths you can go down. I want to make sure that I have the chance to get involved with as many as I can. My ultimate future goal would be to start up an artist development company where we would use tailored strategies to help harness young acts to forge their way into a music career. I have always been fascinated about the ups and downs of an act’s career and how they have fight to be heard.

To Discover some more music check out his website
Within the Music