James Cherry is one of those talents that just leaves you speechless, completely left without words … but I have to come up with words, maybe even invent a few to describe how massively talented he is and how if you have not heard him singing, you should …like …right now.

His debut EP is magnificent, so well done, with such a sound that just catches you by surprise and you start humming it or tapping your feet to the rhythm or out of nowhere you are singing along (maybe gibberish at first but the lyrics come to you). The EP only has three songs, but after listening to it over and over again, learning the lyrics and the beat of each track, I am left wondering …”what would he do with a full studio album?” The title song, “Blame it on our youth”, named after the EP hides songwriting so deep, so full of story, a cause and reaction, a notion of today’s modern youth, of the world as it is today. Then you have “Heart of stone” and “Cry myself to sleep”, each song a story on it’s own, each song with a meaning behind it, each song sung by such magnificent voice, a voice only perfectly used by one man, James Cherry.

James can definitely howl with the wolf anytime he wants, a young man with such talent can create and make a change to the music world today. His lyrics and his voice are fearless, willing to test his limits, and above all willing to create something new. I am now waiting for another EP or to finally get full studio Album, I am anxious even though he just started on this road, this wonderful road and world that is Music. I think he has what it takes to conquer it.

If you want to see a young star on his way to the top, James Cherry is the man you want to see and listen to. His voice and the great group of musicians that create the music along with his lyrics just make him a force of nature, an unstoppable force. He has arrived and he is not going anywhere, so please just sit down, put on your headphones and enjoy the ride that is listening to this young singer/songwriter.

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James Cherry