Founded from a sheer passion and love for music. Our goal is to help spread the power and magic of music to world.


Verselets are vehicles to carry your favorite music verses with you at all time. Crafted from high quality Cork Leather which is a sustainable, vegan, ecological material.


Wolf – How did the idea of Verselets come to be?

I’ve always been a music lover and have always been moved by quotes so I created a way to carry them with me at all times.

Wolf – Why “Verselets”?

Verse bracelets … Verselets

Wolf – How did you decide that you would donate a percentage of your proceeds?

I want Verselets to be more than just a brand and wanted to give back. As an animal lover myself it was a no brainer.

Wolf – How did you decide on the material to make the verselets on?

I was searching for a non animal product that was high quality leather substitute and stumbled upon beautiful cork leather.

wolf – Plans for the future of Verselets?

Right now we are trying to get musicians on board to have “signature” Verselets.

Wolf – Any phrase, lyric, mantra that the Verselets family follows?

Stay hungry, Stay foolish.

Wolf – Favorite bands of the Verselets team?

Too many to name … Sbtrkt, Odezsa, Base Camp, Autograf, Stephen.

Wolf – Will Verselets involvement with music grow? 

We’d love to have our own musical talent group and throw our own festival with all our artist.

Final thoughts?

The magic of music is a powerful thing. It changes you.

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