California you keep on doing it, you keep on creating great music, how do you do that? I don’t know but thank you, this time you have brought to my attention the great alternative rock of Face the Horizon. These guys make want to move to California, and if they keep on creating top quality songs like the ones below I might have to … and soon.

These guys look like they were created to be in a band together, from the singer having that swagger, that aura that every lead singer should have to be in rock, to the rest of the band being one with their instruments and putting them all together just embodies what we all picture as an Alternative Rock band. The voice is melodic yet powerful, he connects with the music and just flows with it. The instruments are masterfully played and connect so well creating each song and hypnotizing you and just makes you want to listen to each single verse, to each second of each song.

Face the Horizon is a band to be in the lookout for; the voice, the music, the lyrics, they are going to create something great. If you don’t believe me here is another example of what I am talking about. So … shut up, listen and enjoy!