We have all heard that California is one of the few places in the world that constantly produces great music, I mean other places create great music, but there is something in the water in California, because the creative level is always high and always creating artists to watch out for. The latest I have had a pleasure of finding in my many travels within my cellphone, specifically in the digital jungle known as Instagram, is a band simply named “KOLAJ”.

They call it “euphorock”, I just call it great music. KOLAJ are on the path to greatness, the music they create, the sounds they make and the cohesion of the band is going to take them there. If you don’t believe me, just listen to that voice and listen to the music and you will hooked, you will be taken to another world, another dimension of you, yourself and KOLAJ. It happened to me without me knowing it but now I am hooked, I am caught in that voice, in those verses, in the melody of each song, from their covers to their original creations. I am a fan and I recommend you to be one as well.