They came up with a great song whose video not only helped boost sales of the newest member of the Jeep Family who by a wonderful coincidence is named in the singular form of the name of said song ( “Renegades”) but also portrayed true friendship unlike any other music video. They came at us being renegades, rebels who wouldn’t take no for an answer and can now stand tall and be called ambassadors of great music, they are X Ambassadors.

“…Lost souls and reverie
Running wild and running free…”

They are showing us there are no limits to the power of music, how it can transcend the senses, bring down any barriers and invite us to be proud and embrace being the underdogs, the new kids, the renegades and the unique. X Ambassadors you truly are a band to respect, to be inspired by, to enjoy and to connect with. And that is why you are the Artist on the rise of this week.