Some great tracks by these awesome bands.

The bands on the playlist are: The kooks, The Libertines, Viola Beach, Razorlight and Mumford & Sons.


Track List:

  1. The Kooks – Naive
  2. The Libertines – Don’t look back into the sun
  3. Viola Beach – Swings and waterslides
  4. Razorlight – Golden Touch
  5. Mumford & Sons – I will wait
  6. The libertines – You’re my Waterloo
  7. Viola Beach – Get to dancing
  8. The Kooks – Sway
  9. Mumford & Sons – The Cave
  10. Razorlight – I can’t stop this feeling I’ve got
  11. Viola Beach – Boys that sing
  12. The Kooks – Bad Habit
  13. Razorlight – Vice
  14. Mumford & Sons -The Wolf
  15. The Libertines – Time for heroes

Side Note : Viola Beach were an emerging British indie band whose lives were tragically ended in a car accident in Sweden. A special article will be written to be posted in the following weeks. I invite you to listen to the great music this talented band made.