“… if you like the way you look that much. Oh baby, you should go and love yourself… “

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday listening to the new Justin Bieber album and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity in these new tracks and how much control he has over his voice now.

Like Justin Timberlake had to lose the ramen noodle curls and to explore new sounds in order to evolve into the solo artist turned actor we know and love today, Justin Bieber is having to that for the good of his growth as an artist. I applaud him for testing himself, for putting something out there that is unlike his previous albums, for finding his true self in his music. From each successful single he is putting out there from his album to the other songs in it, I can say it was beautifully done and the end result is something for him and his whole team to be proud off.

“ … trying to catch the beat, make up your heart. Don’t know if you are happy or complaining…”

Putting his personal life aside and only focusing on his music, I can say I hope to listen to more growth, maturity and freshness in his sound in the future. And if I were to review or give this album a score it would be 8.5/10 (just because I know he is going to get better and just a handful of artists truly deserve a 10)

Justin Bieber thank you for your evolution

Article written by the wolf in a suit