“Hard To Be A Woman” by Atomic Blonde

US-based indie artist Atomic Blonde comes to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful sonic creation that is “Hard to be a woman”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented singer/songwriter breaks free from the reigns of a toxic relationship and finds the fire in her voice. The track unfolds with such natural charm and hypnotizing touch, that you can’t help but need and want more and more of it. There’s something special about the soundscape that deserves to be heard by all, as there’s a lesson for the whole world to learn.

This song is an absolutely amazing tale, that explores the harsh reality of what means to be a women and be part of a toxic relationship, but thankfully she does not stay quiet. So listen closely and fall prey to the magic of the stunning must-listen gem that is “Hard to be a woman”. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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