“Driving To LA” by Belot

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Belot comes to us once more with another fantastic track, say hello to “Driving to LA”. With this stunningly playful and catchy blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us a chance to explore a tale is so relatable and true. The track unfolds with such a natural charm and manages to caress our senses as it speaks words that feel so ours while letting us know that this was inspired by her own path in life. There’s something about this track that pulls us in and serves to assist in cementing her name as one of the most exciting young artists out there. So listen closely and dive into the world of this fantastic contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“Driving to LA is about when you have grown up in a teen relationship. You thought it would be a fling when it started but in the blink of an eye 16-18 flies by. All of a sudden you are faced with the fact that you have separate goals and opportunities that don’t exactly facilitate each other. The dynamic that worked so flawlessly when you were at school doesn’t seem to translate into adulthood. You will always have love for one another, but you have to find your own footing and start building your careers.”


Location: United Kingdom

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