“Someday We’ll Go Walking in the Sun” by GLENEAGLE

Canada, oh Canada…you just keep on giving this humble site some amazing music, the latest comes courtesy of GLENEAGLE with “Someday We’ll go walking in the sun”. With this stunning track they blend melodies and lyrics in a way that is so beautiful to hear as it offers us a chance to explore a world unknown yet so familiar. They connect the dots and offer us music lovers something wonderful to explore and be a part of from the moment we press play. The soundscape is just so mesmerizing and inspiring that you can’t help but want and need more and more of it as your hand automatically press plays over and over again.

There’s something here and I hope everyone gives them a chance because this track is an absolute must for any music lover. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet magic found within the contemporary must-listen gem that is “Someday we’ll go walking in the sun”. Enjoy!

“This song saved us. Meant to be our last song before calling it quits because of the pandemic, the studio sessions led to us writing an entire album. This will be the first single from that album.

It’s an optimistic, hopeful track that tries to make the best of the past, while looking at it honestly.

Also, any Springsteen fan will tell it’s an homage in more than just the title.”


Location: Canada

To listen on Spotify click HERE