“Backyard Body” by FLØRE

From Germany comes the uber-talented FLØRE with her latest sonic creation, say hello to “Backyard Body”. With this stunning musical escape from reality, she gives life to a track that blends pop and rock in such a perfect manner from start to end. The soundscape manages to unfold in an instant and caress our senses as it paint a picture so vivid and so instantly relatable. There’s something about this track that invites us in and allows us to feel a connection as she exposes the fragile yet wonderful nature of the human heart. So come with me and let us fall prey to the raw magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“When I wrote the song I was dating someone, and I knew he was pulling back once I got more into it. I somehow have the feeling that a lot of times they think I’m an obsessed freak, so I just gave them what they asked for.”


Location: Germany

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