“Secrets” by Garrett Kato

Australian indie singer/songwriter Garrett Kato comes to Wolf in a Suit with the heartfelt sonic creation that is “Secrets”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the unknown reality that lies hidden inside all of us in a way that is quite warm and inviting. His voice embraces the feelings and emotions that make this track so easy to connect with in such a natural and honest fashion. The soundscape unfolds and within seconds manages to pull you into a world that is inspiring and freeing as it whispers in our ears that our secrets can be shared.

So dive into this world and allow the sweet magic of his sounds caress your senses and speak to you. Fall in love with the contemporary must-listen magic of this masterpiece. Enjoy!

“I’ve lost two friends to suicide and believe it’s partly a result of keeping secrets to yourself about how much you are really struggling. Opening up to people and professionals is something that is very important and is a growing situation as the world gets bigger and harder.”

Garrett Kato

Location: Australia

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