“Mediocrity” by Greta Isaac

The fantastic indie goddess Greta Isaac comes to Wolf in a Suit once more to deliver the relatable charm of “Mediocrity”. With this absolutely fantastic showcase of feelings and emotions she opens up and invites us to meet the person behind the artist. The track flows with ease and manages to connect the dots as the verses flow one after the other, painting a picture that is so human and true. There’s something about this track that is sure to end up feeling as much ours as it is hers due to the honest and raw lyricism.

So listen closely and dive into this mesmerizing tale that embraces the fragile nature of the human condition. Enjoy the latest must-listen gem carefully created by the talented Greta Isaac!

“I remember writing Mediocrity in a time where I had a lot of things on my mind about why I’d been cocooning myself in who I thought I was for most of my life. I’d been experiencing a lot of paranoia and was caught in a heightened state of anxiety for a lot of my late teens and early twenties. This song was an ode to that part of my life. ‘

Mediocrity’ feels like a sad poem about settling for less in my life in order to feel safe. I was kidding myself into thinking that feeling paralysed by life was actually comforting; if there wasn’t risk then nothing bad would happen to me. This song is a lullaby and a farewell to that part of myself.”

Greta Isaac

Location: United Kingdom

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