“BLUE” by Brett Castro

Indie singer/songwriter Brett Castro comes to us with the heartfelt and catchy sonic creation that is “BLUE”. With this stunning soundscape, he gives life to a tale so personal yet so beautifully universal and relatable. His voice perfectly connects with the catchy sounds while staying true to the raw emotions of the verses as it all comes together. There’s something quite refreshing about this track that simply invites us in and allows to break down our walls a find a bit of us within it. So listen closely and fall prey to the exquisite magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“This song is my response to all the sadness and darkness in the world these past couple years. I wanted to stay honest in my lyrics but have the sounds to be sparkly and fun. I hope this song offers people some grace when they’re feeling like I did. I know we all could use it.” 

Brett Castro

Location: USA

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