“Magazines” by Slimdan

Indie singer/songwriter Slimdan comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet story that dwells within his latest creation, say hell to “Magazines”. With this refreshingly raw and human showcase of feelings and emotions he opens up and allows us to meet the person behind the artist. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that manages to hit the spot and really connect as it caresses our senses and invites us in. There’s something quite beautiful and strangely poetic the way the voice hypnotizes us and allows us be part of this personal experience. So listen closely and simply dive into the unknown magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“Magazines is one of those songs that I didn’t know I had to write until after the fact. My team had booked me for a session with a producer and another artist in North Hollywood. When the artist bailed last minute I found myself with a studio space, a chipotle chicken bowl, and for the first time in a minute – time to think. The other writer (Brian Brundage) and I decided to spend the day “writing for the sake of writing” and we ended up stumbling onto the most personal song I’ve ever written. 

When my wife (high school girlfriend at the time) and I started dating her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was the first time in my life I had experienced death, and I felt hopeless being the acne ridden new boyfriend in the family dynamic. Going through that experience with her and her family bonded us in a way that I don’t think I was able to articulate until making this song. Brian had just gone through a similar experience with the person he was seeing and once the word “magazines” was thrown out to the room we both knew what to write about.”


Location: USA

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