“Madonna” by Juliana Madrid

Up-and-coming Texas-based indie singer/songwriter Juliana Madrid comes to Wolf in a Suit with the honest sonic creation that is “Madonna”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, she tells a story sure to sadly ring true to many women out there. The track explores the harsh reality of a girl who finds herself in a terrible relationship and this is done such care for detail and honesty. The soundscape unfolds quite beautifully into the airwaves that surround us, pulling us in and telling our imagination to paint the picture that is being described.

There’s something quite powerful and yet so catchy and charming about this track, that you can’t help but need and want more and more of it. So listen closely and dive into this reality that she has given life to and fall prey to the exquisite magic of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“”Madonna” has an undertone of rejecting religion, but it’s also about a girl that’s in a terrible relationship. A significant other that keeps messing up, and despite her being over it, that person still is doing everything they can to win her back. She knows they are holding her back and she’s kicking herself in the head for it, but she chooses to stay, slowly giving parts of herself away… piece by piece.”

Juliana Madrid

Location: USA

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