“Never Mind” by Pocket Sun

UK-based indie band Pocket Sun gives life to the exquisite pop-rock sonic creation that is “Never Mind”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, they invite us to find a reflection of ourselves within this fantastic musical reality. The track flows with ease and manages to pull us in and invite us to be free as our imagination runs wild. There’s something about this track that is quite special and refreshingly mesmerizing from start to end. They offer us a chance to find ourselves in a setting so unique and so magical that it just makes the experience so much more beautiful. So listen, see and dive into the unknown that awaits within this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Things that keep you awake at night!” Gina explains “The animated video has a humorous tone, travelling down memory lane and re-living the embarrassment over and over. The song is a reminder that you’re the only one still thinking about it, so it’s time to laugh and let it go!”

Pocket Sun