“Fake Phone Calls” by Belot

UK-based indie singer/songwriter Belot comes to us once ore and shares the original and honest sonic creation that is “Fake Phone Calls”. With this refreshingly down-to-earth and vivid blend of melodies and lyrics, she shares a bit of her and invites us to get to know her beyond the music. The track draws inspiration from a real event that happened to the young and talented artist and is told in a way that pulls you in an instant. The track flows with ease and manages to caress our senses as it tells our imagination to roam freely and find a connection.

Her voice embraces each and every feeling and emotion that pertains to this experience and she shares it with us quite beautifully. So listen closely and fall prey to the raw magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“‘Fake phone calls’ is an unfortunately true tale about when I almost physically ran into my ex whilst walking with my new partner. In order to do anything and everything to avoid the hellish interaction, I fumbled and pretended to be on the phone and of course my phone decided to ring at that very moment, so I panicked and crossed the road… She pretended she didn’t see me and the whole thing was the stuff of nightmares.”


Location: United Kingdom

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