“Claustrophobia” by Cupid Girl

Norwegian indie pop-rock artist Cupid Girl comes to Wolf in a Suit with the stunning sonic creation that is “Claustrophobia“. With this exquisite and down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics, she paints a picture so human and so raw. The track unfolds in a graceful fashion that invites us to break down our walls and simply connect with what dwells inside it. There’s something about this track that just understands the fragile truth of what it means to be human and manages to comfort us instantly.

This soundscape is quite captivating and in a way inspiring for it offers us a chance to see that we are not only in this bumpy road. So listen closely and fall prey to the relatable and mesmerizing magic that makes it a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

“‘Claustrophobia’ was written when I was at my lowest; during a time when the whole world felt claustrophobic. I was in pieces, feeling like this powerlessness made me lose myself. Ironically I think this stage kick-started my healing and my motivation to find and build myself up again.”

Cupid Girl

Location: Norway

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