“Quicksand” by Elephant Castle

Indie rocker Phil Danyew AKA Elephant Castle comes to Wolf in a Suit with a much needed dose of retro-vibes courtesy of “Quicksand”. With this stunning and absolutely hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to welcomed escape from reality. The track caresses your senses and in an instant invites you to let your imagination break free as you become part of this tale. There’s something quite special about this track that makes it a gift for any music lover as it unites the classic and contemporary into one. Get your dance shoes ready, make sure they are clean and put on your best threads as you dance to the beat of this magical soundscape.

So listen with me and pay attention carefully as the verses flow one after the other, feeding you with the most amazing musical ambrosia. Dive into the world of “Quicksand” and enjoy this unknown reality.

Location: USA

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