“No Angels” by The Big Pink

From the UK comes the exciting indie band The Big Pink with their return to the music scene, courtesy of “No Angels”. With this stunning showcase of feelings and emotions they give life to a soundscape sure to pull you in with such firm grasp that you can’t help but simply connect with it. The track unfolds in such a natural fashion as it blends melodies and lyrics that speak to us and invites us to look within as we are guided by the vocals. There’s something special about this track that manages to instantly place itself as a fan favorite and a new favorite of mine.

So listen closely and dive into the mesmerizing and uniquely crafted magic that lies within this stunning contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy the adventure that awaits you inside “No Angels”!

“It’s a track reflecting that moment when you understand that all you’ve set your sights on has led to a place far away from where you should be and everything you truly love.

It took sacrificing everything I’d built in London and moving to Los Angeles, a place I thought I needed to be in order to achieve my dreams, for me to realise that it was about much more than just myself. I had a moment of clarity when I understood what’s truly important and what I needed to do to get back to everything and everyone that I loved. That’s what this song is about.”

Robbie Furze of The Big Pink

Location: United Kingdom

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