“The Way You Love” by TITUS BANK

Canadian indie singer/songwriter TITUS BANK comes to Wolf in a Suit with the romantic sonic creation that is “The way you love”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a refreshingly magical and charming soundscape that is sure to grab a hold of your heart and soul. The track flows with ease and in an instant manages to caress your senses and invite you to dance along slowly to the rhythm it offers. The soundscape is one of the most amazing and highly addictive escapes from reality that I’ve had the pleasure to immerse myself into this year.

There’s something quite special about this track that just makes me smile as I remember how lucky I am to have found that special person and to have her in my life every single day. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet and gentle magic of the contemporary must-listen gem that is “The way you love“. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song almost on a whim, just to ease the urge in me to write big, loud, overemphatic love ballads. I love “love”, so this song is simply me standing on a mountaintop screaming to my wife that I love her love. This was produced by BIG KILL and it really turned into something incredible since my original demo was just a simple beat, piano and vocals. The sound is floaty but also extremely groovy and just feels great. The bass done by Parker Bossley pretty much unlocked this song to be a duel of sorts between a beautiful ballad and an absolute bop.”

Titus Bank

Location: Canada

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