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“This song is two people keeping veering away and distracting themselves from the issues inherent between them. I brought this one to the band feeling like it was right up our alley, big exhilarating sounds tied onto the inevitable weight of the topic. We went in wanting to chase the distraction part of the story, the fun and the show. So, we take that grounding and then thought, what if “I believe in a thing called love” by The Darkness was covered by a 2007 pop punk band? It’s always a good sign if these are the questions you are asking.”

Sam Cieri (Lead Vocalist) in regards to “Upset the Neighbors”

Meet the Nicotine Dolls

From the US come the uber-talented indie pop-rockers Nicotine Dolls with an exquisite dose of honest and inviting lyricism. These talented guys come to the lands of the Wolf in a Suit with a sound that is quite frankly fantastic from start to end and manages to always hit deep and find a home within us. Their tracks explore the various topics that involve the human experience in a way that is passionate, intoxicating and always easy to connect. They embrace the fragile yet beautifully magical truth of our existence in a way that always offers us a reflection of ourselves within each soundscape.

The band has managed to become an instant favorite of mine as each track has that capacity to not only pull you in but invite you to sing along. The feelings and emotions that call these songs home connect with us and make the experience so much more amazing. There really is nothing bad to say about this band, just that they deserve more recognition and for people to listen.

So come with me and let these soundscapes caress your senses and let your imagination run wild and pull you in. Fall prey to the must-listen gem that Nicotine Dolls have given life to and become a fan as I have. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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