Music Video: “Boys Don’t Cry” by Awgust

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Awgust comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and delivers the heartfelt sonic creation that is “Boys Don’t Cry”. With this stunning blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the harsh reality behind the title in an honest and down to earth manner. The track unfolds with welcomed dose of feelings and emotions that invite us all to break down our walls and simply listen and learn. There’s so much being said in this fantastic soundscape and something about manages to instantly speak to you and pull you in.

As a Latin-American male, this phrase is heard from the moment you are born and you are reminded that is the “rule” for us all. It’s a sad reality that is beautifully deconstructed by his refreshing and mature lyricism, allowing this track to teach a valuable lesson. So listen closely, open up your eyes and fall prey to the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

“Isn’t it funny when you laugh just to hide all the hurt inside? Isn’t it funny when you really wanna cry, but boys don’t cry?” 

Location: USA

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