“Rockstar” by hanna ögonsten

Up and coming indie singer-songwriter hanna ögonsten comes to us with the honest and insightful sonic creation that is “Rockstar”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, she explores the modern truth of how many musicians still try to act like they did in the past without actually haven’t hit stardom as those examples did before. This does not mean that getting drunk, passing out and acting like a cliché Rockstar is the way to go, but at least those people put the work and achieved success.

This idea that you have to act the part is part of the formula does not benefit anyone and actually only hurts those close to the aspiring musicians that try to take this path. There’s something quite vivid and hypnotizing about this soundscape that instantly transports you to another world. So listen closely and fall prey with the exquisite magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

‘’There was one guy that you could tell had taken something, he acted like an asshole, was mean to my friend and after a while he passed out. I remember how some people helped him even though he definitely didn’t deserve it. After this I got aware of other musicians that are acting the same way. They live the myth of a rockstar-life but without the success and unfortunately the people around them are the ones who have to pay for it.”

hanna ögonsten

Location: Sweden

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