“would you call me up?” by Jon Bryant

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Jon Bryant with the heartfelt sonic creation that is “would you call me up?”. With this stunning and honest showcase of feelings and emotions, he tells a story sure to grab a hold of your heart and soul from the very first second. The track flows with ease and without a seconds notice, caresses your senses and transports you to a world that only exists within these verses.

The soundscape understood the task and offer each listener a chance to fall in love all over again and explore what happens when feelings start brewing. So listen closely and open up your eyes to this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem bound to become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

“It starts off about that moment when you realize that the person you cared about is something more than a casual connection…it exposes the phases and ever-changing intensity that we go through in relationships. Sometimes that person is all you can think about…and other times you need the space to grow on your own.”

Jon Bryant

Location: Canada

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