“Blindside” by Alice Merton

From Germany comes the fantastic uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Alice Merton with her latest sonic creation, say hello to “Blindside”. With this stunning musical and visual creation, she gives free reign to her voice and the track instantly stands out for this. Her melodies and lyrics come together and give life a truly captivating and mesmerizing experience sure to become a fan favorite. She understood the task and pushed forward to create a contemporary tale that speaks to us all with such care and raw magic.

There’s no denying that Alice is a special talent and this track is further proof of this. So listen close, pay attention and fall down to rabbit hole to explore the mesmerizing touch of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

“I wrote this song with Tobias Kuhn who I previously wrote ‘Trouble in Paradise’ with on MINT. It was a joy working with him, his energy in the studio is always incredible and uplifting. We both had so much fun creating this. ‘Blindside’ is probably one of my favorite songs on this album. It’s so earnest and dark but at the same time so fun and uplifting to listen to. It mixes such a serious topic with such a fun feeling, something I love doing when writing songs.”

Alice Merton

Location: Germany

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