“Honestly, Fuck You” by Ten Kills The Pack

From Canada comes the honest voice of the uber-talented Ten Kills The Pack with his latest single, “Honestly, Fuck You”. With this refreshing and welcomed blend of melodies and lyrics, he opens up his heart and soul and offers us a beautiful dose of truth and raw emotions. There’s something about the way in which it all comes together that makes the track an instant standout piece of musical magic.

His voice embraces each and every moment told vividly within the track and pulls us gently yet firmly so that we can pay attention to all that transpires. The track is personal yet manages to give us a chance to not only connect but see a bit of us inside it. So listen, see and dive into the sweet mesmerizing touch of this contemporary must-listen/must see gem. Enjoy “Honestly, Fuck You”.

“The song is a swirling accumulation of situations and feelings from the road that rolled through my head when I started writing while driving home one night. Within the weight of these moments that needed to be laughed at or faced, the song’s point of gravity is a personal story of a relationship ending thousands of miles from home while trying to get through a deteriorating stomach lining issue from alcohol and anxiety. When I say this all out loud it definitely sounds a bit dark, but this song really is just a long winded and funny way of saying ‘thank you’ to those friends who get you through it, when it truly feels like you can’t.”

Ten Kills The Pack

Location: Canada

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