Meet Jason Wade

The multi-faceted and uber-talented Jason Wade, not only leads Lifehouse and is a member of a ØZWALD, but he also creates wonderful music on his own. He embraces the beauty that’s hidden in all that makes life unique and tells stories that pull us in. His approach to songwriting is quite personal yet also manages to offer us all a chance to feel part of the experience. There’s something quite special and pure about his approach to showcasing feelings and emotions that evoke the fragile nature of the human condition making his songs mesmerizing from start to end.

He understood the task that was given to him from the very first moment that music touched his soul and became a storyteller capable of making us feel a connection.

Jason Wade is blessed with that sweet magic that not only makes his pen powerful but his voice as well. There’s no escaping how far his light can reach, making him a personal favorite in times of peace, quiet and need to put my ideas in order. So come with me and let us fall down this rabbit hole and fall prey to each soundscape he has crafted with such care and gentle passion. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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