“Lil While” by JMSEY

Los Angeles-based indie singer/songwriter JMSEY comes to Wolf in a Suit with the playful sonic creation that is “Lil While”. With this refreshing dose of melodies, lyrics, and visuals, he invites us to explore a world that instantly pulls us in and makes us feel at home. There’s something quite refreshing, real and and passionate about this soundscape that caresses our senses and allows us to explore the entirety of this new reality. His voice offers a welcomed change of pace and sound that helps him not only stand out but make the experience so much more mesmerizing from start to end.

There’s no denying that this track has it all to become a fan favorite and to get music lovers to want more of his brand of music. So listen closely, open your eyes and simply enjoy the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem.

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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