“Intuition” by Tishmal

The uber-talented indie goddess Tishmal graces the lands of the Wolf in a Suit and gives us a chance to listen to “Intuition”. With this exquisite showcase of melodies and lyrics, she offers us a playful escape from reality that is quite magnetic and intoxicating. Her voice pulls us in and guides us through this reality that has been crafted and offers us a chance to connect the dots and let go of all we know. There’s something quite mesmerizing about this soundscape that makes it not only appealing but also an absolute must for any music lover.

“Intuition” is a fantastic addition to the already stunning body of work that she created in her career as an artist and makes for an excellent addition to any playlist. So listen closely and fall in love with the exquisite ethereal magic of this contemporary dose of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“I was tired of caring about small-minded opinions. Like the song lyrics mention, I decided to give people “permission” to not like me, and give myself permission to have more fun. I want people to hear this song and step into their own joy and their own power. When you really listen to your inner voice it will lead you to that place of inner strength and only you can be the one to get you there.


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